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Boiler System

Professional Care for Your Boiler System

Another type of water heating system, boilers produce hot water, push it through your pipes, and allow other appliances or equipment to use the heated water. Count on Comfort Heating Inc to bring your boiler back to life with expert repair and maintenance services! 

Or, enlist our fully trained and certified staff to install a new boiler, giving you access to more hot water in less time than ever before!

Details on the Inner Workings of a Boiler

Your boiler begins heating water with a few key components: burners, combustion chambers, a heat exchange, and the associated controls begin the process. 

A boiler starts by mixing fuel and oxygen within the burners; then, upon ignition, combustion will occur and the resulting heat will move from the combustion chamber via the heat exchange to the water within the boiler, heating it for consumption.

The boiler's controls include the ignition, the burner fire rate, the air supply, the fuel supply, the water's initial temperature, exhaust draft, and the boiler pressure. Having trouble with any of these major components? Then contact Comfort Heating Inc for boiler services!

Find Your Boiler Care Experts

At Comfort Heating Inc, we service ALL makes and models of boiler! You'll enjoy a FREE consultation and estimate on the cost of your boiler installation, repairs, or maintenance so you can have the confidence you need to make a prompt, sound decision regarding your boiler's needs.
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Call Comfort Heating Inc for a FREE estimate and consultation on the cost and steps involved in your heating and cooling services and repairs!

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Comfort Heating Inc installs new boilers from the top-brands available, including Triangle Tube, Utica, and Lochinvar!
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